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Crisis Leadership

Crisis management planning is essential for all organisations to respond effectively to emergencies and avoid potentially severe disruptions to business and operations. Likewise it is vital that organisations understand the impact that unforeseen circumstances can have on their reputation and ability to maintain market credibility.

It is too late to bring in the experts when a crisis has begun – planning, developing the necessary attitudes, skills, and confidence and rehearsing these plans and skills will provide the foundation for successfully negotiating this challenging and high impact risk.

Bruce Esplin’s 20+ years as an executive in the Emergency Services sector forms the basis of his unparalleled expertise in the area of crisis management. Bruce will guide your organisation’s decision makers to provide specialist advice and develop tailor-made programs for executives and Boards.

Work with a recognised expert and thought leader in the area of emergency management to:

  • Identify a range of conceivable crises from natural disasters to human error
  • Prepare your organisation for all contingencies
  • Learn how to lead, encourage and inspire your staff in the event of crisis
  • Think differently about your business operations
  • Develop personal and professional means of coping with challenges
  •  Understand how to deal with the needs of your own people and critical stakeholders
  • Balance the demands of the media and the public during times of adversity

Working with Bruce means:

  • Being able to draw on experience which is greater than knowing ‘what to do’ in difficult circumstances. Leaders need to be prepared to know how to prepare, how to behave, how to encourage and inspire, how to think differently and how to consider their legacy
  • Being prepared not only for the organisational challenges of dealing with a crisis situation, but also for the personal challenges which face leaders in critical moments.
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