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Public Speaking

As a public speaker, Bruce Esplin is a storyteller, drawing on a wealth of experience  to move,  to inform, to challenge and to entertain.

Known for his sincere passion and acute intellect, he is a renowned and thought-provoking public speaker. His extensive background as a high profile public figure combined with his more recent artistic pursuits, provides a diverse and meaningful range of life experiences to share.

Bruce has an ability to engage with audiences and draw them into his personal and professional tales of tragedy and triumph. He injects humour, hope, resilience and the human spirit into all his presentations. Perhaps even more importantly, he is able to draw out the learnings and the lessons and the ideas for change.

Bruce has been a key note or guest speaker at a large number of conferences, events, exhibitions, symposia and launches, including:

2013 ArchiBawBaw portrait Prize

2013 APCO Australasia Conference Breaking the Status Quo: Freedom to Try New Thinking

2012 Ericsson ‘Square Project -Australia’ – filmed roundtable – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYcjXum9YYY

2013 Ericsson Broadband Connectivity Series: Leveraging Social Media During Emergencies http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfJ75Z5YhFw

2012 APCO Australasia Conference – The Future of Public Safety Communications

2012 Cultural Tourism Victoria Conference – Creating Cultural Destinations – An Economic Imperative

2012 Annual Australian Camps Association Conference

2012 Victorian Outdoor Education Association Conference

2012 The Art of Health and Well Being Conference

2012 The Photo for Freedom: Volta Exhibition

2011 Illuminated by Fire Speaker Series

2011 Artspoken: The Biennial Queensland Regional Arts and Culture Conference

2010 7th Biennial Victorian Flood Conference

2010 Community Southwest Conference: Towards 2020: Collaboration – Doing it better in 2020

2010 RACV Fire Awareness Awards

2009 Emergency Media and Public Affairs Conference – Engaging Communities in Emergencies

2009 10th Anniversary of Spacial Vision  http://spatialvision.com.au/index.php/sv-bruce-esplin.html

2009 Interaction and Innovation: Australasian Libraries in the Emergency Sector Conference

2009 CISMFA 5th Bi-Annual Conference: Planning, Responding to and Building Resilience in our Changing Environment

2009 VMIA Inaugural Risk Conference

2009 Australia and New Zealand School of Government Annual Conference

2009 Victorian Department of Human Services – Aged Care Quality Improvement Seminar Series

2009 9th National Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion – Applying the Science: An Integrated Approach

2008 SimTecT Simulation in Emergency Management and National Security Symposium

2008 Privacy Awareness Week – Seminar Series

2007 NICTA Victoria Research Laboratory – Big Picture Seminar Series

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