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Technology is playing an increasingly vital role in so much of the functioning of society. In a world that is more and more connected, demanding and reliant on information provided on an almost 24/7 basis, keeping pace or even better, staying ahead of developments, for both government and its agencies and the private sector, will become critical. This is especially the case in the public safety area, but is also very important when thinking about social connectedness. Social media and the rapid and ubiquitous take up of sophisticated new personal communications devices can either connect us – or push us further apart, increasing the sense of isolation and loneliness for some people.

There is the very real risk of increasing disadvantage for some in our society if steps aren’t taken to ensure that all people enjoy the same access to new technology and can participate in the inevitable greater connectedness and digital inclusion that is occurring.

Bruce believes that emerging technology can and should be used to much greater effect, not only in helping to improve public safety through better communication and emergency warnings, but also, in what is becoming an increasingly networked society, by facilitating and supporting greater social inclusion.

BruceEsplin P/L provides expert advice and support to a number of large and emerging  companies active in the technology and communications sector.

Major clients have included Telstra and EyeFi Pty Ltd together with a number of other organisations.

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