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Photography can challenge.

Photography can move.

Photography can inspire.

I love light and the feeling it can give an image – I am totally committed to using available light.

I am committed to portraits that expose the essence and raw beauty of people and their environments, street work that captures the life and the mood of a city, abstract images that make the viewer think and form their own conclusions, and the environment; built and natural.

Photography should be engaging, confronting, challenging and intricately – sometimes painfully – beautiful, but never ‘pretty’.

“A good photograph leans more towards the technical, a great photograph leans more towards the emotional” – Australian photographer Tamara Dean


When you see my sculpture, I want your first response to be to run your hands over it – to feel the texture, to trace the lines and explore the curves and appreciate the change in materials and the marks left by the tools I have used.

My sculpture is for touching.

I am moved by the way light plays over the surfaces, by shadow and silhouette. I aspire to create works with an elegance and simplicity in their form.

I am inspired by the work of Clifford Last, Inge King, Henry Moore, William Turnbull and Kim Lim, Barbara Hepworth, Bernini, Rodin, Brancusi, Giacometti, Gormley, Caro, Marino Marini, Zoltan Kemeny, Manzu.

“Where did I learn to understand sculpture? In the woods by looking at the trees, along the roads by observing the formation of clouds, in the studio by studying the models – everywhere except in the schools!” Auguste Rodin