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…my developing love for film – blog #6
17 September 2013

Over the last year or so, I have been increasingly drawn to exploring film or analogue photography. Not, I hasten to add,  instead of digital – but in addition to – I tire of the arguments from the closed minded … read more…

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…the (more than) 7 days just passed – my blog #5
16 September 2013

I’m back – it’s been an incredibly busy few weeks creative, with some wonderful events to attend, a lot of late nights, some great people to meet and a lot of fun to be had! But now it’s time to … read more…

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James Esplin
1 September 2013

My father James Esplin came to Australia alone as a very very young boy – not even into his teens. He told me stories of sailing around the ‘Horn and the terrifying size of the waves at what seemed to … read more…

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