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‘The Gift…’
27 June 2015

Some of you will remember an earlier blog on the sculpture I made for the Donor Tissue Bank Victoria (DTBV). The sculpture was completed, delivered and unveiled last year and has been on display in a temporary home in the foyer … read more…

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The Gift…
22 March 2014

  Some of you might know that I have been working on sculpture commission for the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine(VIFM) for the Donor Tissue Bank of Victoria (DTBV). Some time ago, Professor Stephen Cordner asked if I would create … read more…

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…the (more than) 7 days just passed – my blog #5
16 September 2013

I’m back – it’s been an incredibly busy few weeks creative, with some wonderful events to attend, a lot of late nights, some great people to meet and a lot of fun to be had! But now it’s time to … read more…

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…creative therapies at work… Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre – my blog #4
29 July 2013

I really have found this blog post particularly difficult to write – how to capture the amazing work being done while respecting the privacy of the people being helped – how to ensure I respect the professionalism of the wonderful … read more…

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…the 7 days just passed – my blog #3
8 July 2013

A quieter week this week and one filled to the brim with creativity – little bit of my own and a great slab from many others. Interesting meet and greet with a number of the leaders of Victorian art organisations … read more…

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