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My website is finally here…..#1
16 June 2013

After some great design work by Chris Martin and Henrik Pagh of Clearmedia, I have finally added the content to finish the site.

Its been a pleasure working with designers who are creative, innovative – even a little bit funky. They also seek to really understand the client and were always very responsive to the client’s needs and ideas. I hope my content will now do justice to a great design!

I hope those who visit my website and read my blog posts will find it fun and easy to navigate, and a useful way to keep up with both my creative activities and the corporate side of my life.

As some would already be aware, I am passionate about the role of technology in providing information to communities and individuals. Emerging technology can and should be used to much greater effect. It will help to improve public safety through better communication, enhanced intelligence gathering and better situational awareness leading to more timely and accurate emergency warnings. Just as importantly, in what is becoming an increasingly networked society, it can facilitate and support better connectedness and greater social inclusion.

This passion is only matched by my view that art and creative practice can play a major role in the health and resilience of both individuals and communities. Working in this space and having the time to develop my own creative practice is a real pleasure!

I hope to post on my blog regularly – and will write on arts and creativity, and issues effecting communities in this rapidly changing world of ours.

So that’s it – my first post on my own custom designed website – so much fun and adventure to look forward to!


And now its back to the hands… you’ll just have to wait for an explanation on this!!!





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